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"Beautifully shot and performed, super-stylishly conceived, John. Congrats! Keep going! You're on a roll! xoxGUY"


-GUY MADDIN on "The Midnight People"

"Fun short ... Good craft in the syntax and language with zero production you can get some creepy vibe- Keep up the good work!!"

  -GUILLERMO DEL TORO on "The Midnight People"  (No, Seriously)

Borgnine supported 51 Deep. RIP

Merrill Reese supports 51 Deep.

In 2007, 51 Deep Productions (attempted) to make

one of the hottest action film shorts of all-time, with no budget.

What they got was an atrocious lead actor, 2 very exhausting weekends, 

and a film that was exactly what they'd intended.


This... is that film short.


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