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"Beautifully shot and performed, super-stylishly conceived, John. Congrats! Keep going! You're on a roll! xoxGUY"


-GUY MADDIN on "The Midnight People"

"Fun short ... Good craft in the syntax and language with zero production you can get some creepy vibe- Keep up the good work!!"

  -GUILLERMO DEL TORO on "The Midnight People"  (No, Seriously)

Borgnine supported 51 Deep. RIP

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51DEEP is proud to introduce to the world... TINY GODZILLA!

Written and Directed by John Keefer
Produced and Edited by Chris Johnson


Late at night, half-asleep, two young men receive a strange invitation... to call totally awesome 1-900 numbers from the 90's. 

Written and Directed by John Keefer
Starring Matt Paugh, Dan D'Aprile, Chris Johnson, and John Keefer
Edited by Chris Johnson


Edited by Chris Johnson


Edited by Chris Johnson


When two goons need a doctor ASAP, they call for one. The problem is they got THIS doctor.

Edited, Written, and Directed by Chris Johnson
Starring Chris Johnson, John Keefer, Matt Paugh, with Christian DeYenno, Dan Metzker and Tory Cordero
Shot by Christian DeYenno
Music by John Keefer featuting Power Fantasy



An epic nine years in the making.

Edited, Directed & Starring John Keefer


a tale of a landline telephone, and the horrors it will bring when a man, waiting for a phone call, begins getting calls from someone else. Someone terrifying. "Is Judy there?"

Edited & Directed by Chris Johnson

Written by Chris Johnson and Dan D'Aprile
Starring Dan D'Aprile, Kathleen Guidotti, and Christian DeYenno
Music by John Keefer

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