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Created by Dan D'Aprile, Jared Dubinski, & Christopher Johnson


"This game has taken the world by storm, and now, we share it with the people."


Can't ever seem to decide a movie to watch among friends? Problem Solved! The Movie Draft is the ultimate way to choose the cinematic feature to watch for the night. Fight for your nominees in an all-out, balls-to-the-wall, uber-awesome DRAFT!


# OF PLAYERS: Between 2 - 6 



  •  Before play begins, in order to get the proper groove, classical music must be played in the background of the competition. The classical music channel on digital cable will do just fine.
  • Optional actor dedications can also be in order if you know an Actor has a birthday the day of your gameplay.


Here's how to play:



Each player chooses 3 movies to be their nominees for The Movie Draft. The movies are chosen from the movie library available. These 3 movies are the cinematic masterpieces that you want to watch at the end of the game. Depending on the number of players, there should be at least 12 nominees for the game.



If players feel a little wacky-tacky, a random drawing by all players can occur. This is done by blind-folding, one player at a time, and spinning them around in circles in front of the movie library. Smacking of the face while spinning the player is allowed and encouraged. Once spun 4-5 times, the player then points at a random movie, still blind-folded. That film is then tossed into the nominee pool.


Another random option can be to have a player choose 2 numbers, one being which row of movies. The other counting how many down in the row.

The more films, the more fun, the more INTENSE.


Numbered pieces of paper are thrown into a hat. The players then pick one paper from the hat, which has their number in the order of voting. The player with #1 written on the paper goes first. So on, and so forth.



With the movie nominees layed out on the floor. Each player (in the voting order picked) chooses one movie that he/she wants to eliminate from the nominee pool. Once chosen, the other players can either let the movie be eliminated, or... 


Each player has 3 challenges in a game. A 'challenge' is when one player objects to the elimination of a movie. Once challenged, the opposing players have a battle of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS (Best 2-out-of-3). If the player who challenged wins the match, the movie stays in the draft and he/she doesn't lose the challenge. If the player loses, the movie is eliminated and the challenger loses 1 of his/her 3 challenges. All player can challenge a movie, but only once in that turn. All challenges do not have to be used in the game.



The finals occur when only 2 movies are left still standing. Players then take a blank piece of paper, and write down the name of the movie he/she nominates to watch. The papers are then folded and placed into a hat. The results are then read outloud one-by-one. The movie with the most votes is the winner!


ON DECK (Only valid if there is an even number of players)

The last movie eliminated from the final 3 is then placed 'On Deck'. In the finals, if the ballots end in a tie, the 3rd place movie is automatically chosen as the winner. 


Saying "I just saw that." is frowned upon.

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